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Mayura Apothecary VegeFruit Wash 1KG

Mayura Apothecary VegeFruit Wash 1KG

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Cleaning your vegetables and fruits would be a breeze with our VegeFruit Wash. Naturally-derived from enzymes, this cleansing agent would rid your vegetables and fruits from unwanted leftover fertiliser, bugs, pesticide, herbicides, and slow suicide. It is not surfactant-based and a little goes a long way.

Consuming vegetables and fruits is an integral part of a healthy diet but the chemicals and bugs that come withVegetable Basket them are not. Hence, the usual soaking and rinsing with water and salt routine would not be sufficient to remove those slow-suicidal components. Organic produces are supposed to be cleansed as well for the simple reason that they might be harbouring tiny little critters that might cause problems.


Bioflavonoid Complex, Organic Acid Blend, Proprietary Botanical Blends (Aussan)

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Living in a world where chemicals are used to 'enhance' every day life has taken its toll on many. Though pesticides in moderate amount would be justifiable as to increase food yield and storage time, putting them in larger than normal quantity is not. It is inadvertantly inhumane for the farmers and workers who are not told enough of the direct side-effects it costs them. Hence the long-term measure would be to educate farmers, plantation workers, and owners on the hazards that arise because of chemical misuse and abuse.

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