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Mayura Apothecary Spray 'n Wipe 1Kg (No-rinse formulation)

Mayura Apothecary Spray 'n Wipe 1Kg (No-rinse formulation)

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Surface disinfectant with a twist! It is organic and made from naturally derived substances. Liberate yourself from germful worries and from harsh disinfectant that do more than just disinfecting germs. It might even try to 'disinfect' you.

This is very suitable for wiping off stains caused by your little ones. Well, toddlers and infants are prone to make food-related stains and this need immediate wiping to prevent odorous disasters as well as germs cultivation. It is also apt to be used to wipe toys and highchairs.


Glycerine, Bitter Orange Extract, Caprylic Acid, Proprietary Botanical Blend, Aqua

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Commercial brands use the strongest of all disinfectant to ward off germs. This measure is ardorously necessary in hospices and sick houses but would be too excessive or just plain ol' paranoia if used in a home-sweet-home setting. Hence, such unnecessarily harmful chemicals should be avoided as they tend to be harsh on human skin.