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Mayura Apothecary NatLaundry 1KG

Mayura Apothecary NatLaundry 1KG

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Extremely good for delicate fabrics, baby clothes, those with sensitive skin, or just for laundering silken products such as your O' so glamorous Tafetta that just die for a handwash. This gentle and mild laundry would help you to do just that. Some harsh commercial detergents would be disastrous for the hands if it were to be used when the fabrics necessitate handwash. Also, if some detergents are not washed off properly, it could cause allergy reaction in some susceptible individuals. Delicately scented with natural pine oil for some antibacterial effect, this is a one of a kind natural laundry detergent.

Good for handwash as well as machine. For ordinary not-so-soiled clothes, the apothecarist recommends using 50ml per laundry load. For some serious stains, it is recommend to pretreat those first before laundering with at least 100ml per load. For handwash, ample amount should be used depending on the nature of the fabrics.


Cocamidopropyl betaine (coconut oil derived surfactant), Natural pine bark oil

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The surfactant used in this laundry, though is naturally derived, is not suitable to be used on human skin directly although much manufacturers use them in formulating seemingly 'natural' products. The apothecarist would have none of it, so his grumpy advice would be: "Read the Labels before Buying!!!"