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Mayura Apothecary Moroccan Argan Oil 20ml

Mayura Apothecary Moroccan Argan Oil 20ml

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Argan OilArgan oil, well-known as the Moroccan fountain-of-youth, is now available through your most trusted brand! Excellent for the hair, nails, and skin, this oil has been used for centuries to upkeep youthful appearance as well as to help remedy some common skin problem. Rich with Vitamin E, Argan oil can be used to lighten scars as well as to prevent its formation.

Our apothecarist strongly recommends Argan Oil as the carrier oil of choice for various essential oil, especially true for therapeutic purposes. This is because of its excellent absorption by the skin, allowing the essential oils to be absorbed into the circulation in the slightest time possible thus exerting its healing effect as fast as possible.

Traditionally, Argan Oil has been used to grow hairs as well. It is a delight to hairs, of which, subjected to straightening and curling. Used as a after-wash conditioner, it will help with frizzies and dryness.

Used after buffering your nails, it can be very useful to preserve the sheen without the usage of nail lacquer.


100% Pure Argan Oil from Morocco

Additional Information

Patch test Argan Oil first before using. Individuals with tree nut allergies should avoid using this product as it might have similar compound found in most nuts.