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Mayura Apothecary Dish and Bowls 1KG

Mayura Apothecary Dish and Bowls 1KG

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The apothecarist understood perfectly the trials, travail, and tribulations of being someone who needs to do the dishes (not limiting to housewives alone). Besides leaving the hand uncomfortably dry, long term exposure to dish wash detergents without glove would wreak havoc on the hands. Being someone who need to do the dishes doesn't mean that someone must have to have 'dishwashers' hands'. Worse, some might become allergic to dishwashing liquid because of the harsh chemicals they used to 'cut-grease'.

Hence this would be a perfect opportunity to avoid those grease-cutters and switch over to something gentler instead. Made from plant-derived ingredients, it clears grease but does justice on the hands as well. The essential oils blends are purported to be beneficial for your hands and nails.


Caprylic Acid 1%, Proprietary Blend of Bioflavonoids and Natural Essential Oils (Aussan)

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Everyone has a love-hate relationship with dishes but this should not have extended to the lovely hands that you own. This is so especially true for people with sensitive and problematic skin but are needed to do chores. The Mayura Natural Household Care is created for this very purpose; sensitivity towards those who have different needs. We heed your call.